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The Myco Plastics, Inc. family celebrated 2019 at Times Square Grand Slam in Tyler, TX. After a fun afternoon of bowling, arcades, laser tag, meals, and drinks, several people were recognized for their efforts throughout the year.

Employee of the Year

Catalina Tavera


Best Attitude

Genoveva Luna


Going Above and Beyond

Silvia Jaramillo


10th - Maria Jimenez

Perfect Attendance

Maria Jimenez

Catalina Tavera

We are grateful for all of our employees and customers! Have a great holidays!

Happy Holidays from Myco Plastics, Inc!

1000-Ton Press Myco Plastics


Myco Plastics, Inc. has installed a new press to increase the tonnage capability of the plant to 1,000-Tons. The new press is fully operational and will allow Myco Plastics, Inc. to explore new commercial opportunities.

New 1,000-Ton Press

Pistol Stabilizing Brace



Texas-based gun manufacturer, FoldAR, has partnered with Myco Plastics, Inc. to provide a new stabilizing pistol brace for their innovative folding pistol platforms. FoldAR was the first commercial recipient of the Myco Plastics, Inc. free tooling program to get their product commercialized. The product is now available at the lowest price currently available in the market on FoldAR's website found at the link provided above. 

From FoldAR's Website:

"The FoldAR Pistol Stabilizing Brace is the bottom-line alternative to expensive, ugly, and bulky braces and stabilizers! FoldAR once again steps away from the crowd with this stylized brace. Made in the USA from textured high-glass content nylon, you will not find a better value brace anywhere! Keep your standard buffer tube for a simplified installation process, simply remove your Mil-Spec stock and slide FoldAR's Pistol Stabilizing Brace over the standard Mil-Spec buffer tube and tighten two set screws."

New Product Launch with FoldAR

Myco Plasics, Inc. Employer of the Month



The Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation (JEDCO) has awarded Myco Plastics, Inc. as the October Employer of the Month. Mississippi-based SCP Polymers purchased Myco in March 2018 and since then they have been hard at work improving their building and preparing for additional capital investment in Jacksonville. The new ownership group has also provided advancement opportunities for their employees and brought on a new sales manager to diversify and grow the business. The company specializes in contract plastic injection molding and has brought countless federal dollars to Jacksonville through defense contracts.

Jacksonville, TX Employer of the Month

myco plastics renovation


Myco Plastics, Inc. has begun renovations to the historic Jacksonville building that once housed businesses vital to the tomato and rose industry from the 1940's. Through the Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation's (JEDCO) "Operation Facelift" initiative, Myco Plastics, Inc. was able to update the exterior of the building and it will be completed by August. Interior renovations should get started within the next year.

Renovations Underway

Myco Plastics, Inc. Logo



In March, Booneville, Mississippi-based South Central Polymers, Inc. (SCP) closed on the purchase of Myco Plastics, Inc. (Myco). SCP President and CEO Bud Hanna said, “the company [SCP] was originally planning to expand into another market, but was drawn to Jacksonville by the strength of its existing plastics industry.” SCP will continue to operate as Myco in Jacksonville.


“A driver in the decision to purchase Myco was the talent and tenure of the current employees” said SCP Vice-President and General Manager Joshua Hanna. “Approximately a third of the current employees have worked at Myco for more than 10-years and in April we were pleased to announce pay raises for our people.”

Immediate plans by SCP include interior and exterior improvements to their location on US HWY 79. Near-term plans include expansion of the building, investment in additional injection-molding equipment, and growth in employee count.

“Jacksonville’s robust plastics industry continues to draw outside investment, and the Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation (JEDCO) is committed to leveraging our position in the market”, said JEDCO Chairman of the Board Darrell Dement. “We look forward to building a strong relationship with SCP and appreciate their investment.”

Mississippi-based company invests in Jacksonville 

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