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Entrance of Myco Plastics, Inc.
Production Area

Myco houses 18 computer controlled injection molding machines that range from 35-1000 tons. 


There is a host of secondary equipment including, but not limited to, hoppers, loaders, dryers, grinders, thermolators, conveyors and temperature controllers  necessary to equip the machines to optimize your job requirements.

Assembly & Secondary
Operation Area


We welcome you to request a quote for how we can add value to your molded components in order to supply you with a sub-assembly or finished product.


We have decades of experience in assembling complex components into a finished product for our customers.

Warehouse Storage 


Warehouse storage consists of room for finished goods, raw material, and packaging to ensure your product is ready when you are.

Our supply chain practices a just-in-time (JIT) philosophy that is vital to reducing costs and enhancing customer value.

Myco Plastic, Inc. Mold Storage
Mold Storage Area

Molds are identified and logged by having individual identification numbers and palletized for quick reference.


Molds are disassembled as necessary for a thorough cleaning prior to being run. They are also cleaned and inhibitors and preservatives are applied prior to storage. This care ensures that your mold is ready for service at the time of your next order. 

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